Cubiks Potential Assessments

Open up possibilities. Transform the future.

The ability to effectively identify high potential employees is still something most talent management teams can only dream of. Finding and developing high potentials is a real HR priority, but the success rates of many such initiatives are worryingly low.

If you’re basing talent identification on performance alone, it's likely you'll be disappointed with your outcomes. To really get to grips with potential, you need assessments that look ahead, exploring how an individual will perform in the future. 

Deploying a transformative, future-focused potential assessment will bring a potent competitive advantage, accelerating your people and your business towards new levels of success.

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With Cubiks Potential Assessments you can:


Accurately assess an individual’s potential to succeed in a more complex role

Identify untapped talent throughout your organisation, at all levels

Find and develop future leaders. Gain insight for effective succession planning

 The Cubiks Potential Model

The Cubiks approach is simple and clear, and most importantly, it is packed with all the science you need. Our robust potential model brings together the crucial qualities and attributes that indicate high potential, delivering insight into each area to help your people grow and thrive.


Creating connections

Looks at how a person communicates to have a meaningful impact, building diverse and valuable networks. Explores how they manage their own emotions.


Accessing insights

Evaluates a person’s ability to quickly understand concepts and develop solutions. Explores how far they look beyond what’s obvious. Assesses whether they approach ambiguity and complexity with a curious mind.


Growing and adapting

Explores a person’s eagerness to learn, adapt and change through novel situations. Looks at their creativity and openness to doing things differently in response to feedback


Pursuing aspirations

Assesses to what extent a person strives for ambitious results. Evaluates how far they persevere and drive towards goals, even in the face of adversity. Looks at their willingness to stretch in pursuit of success.

Based on our knowledge of what makes up potential; we combine assessment methods such as personality questionnaires, live assessments and ability tests to give you the full picture.

We’ll partner with you to create a complete, end-to-end potential assessment solution, delivering the intelligence you need while inspiring your people.

In Brief


Identify talent sooner; support them to grow and develop

Evaluate the long term potential of new recruits

Rigorously assess all aspects of potential, for a reliable prediction of future performance

Deploy an approach for all levels, from leaders to technical experts

Rely on valid, robust assessments created by business scientists

Get advice and expertise from Cubiks’ responsive multinational team