Managing talent in challenging times: A Friends of Cubiks event

Managing talent in challenging times: A Friends of Cubiks event

29.04.2016 By Laura.Parrack

Friends of Cubiks got together on the 15th April in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to meet each other and share insights on managing talents in challenging times. The event was a great success with delegates attending from industry sectors spanning FMCG, retail, manufacturing, oil & gas, financial and consulting services

Keynote from Dimmy Van Zanten (Cubiks Partner & COO)

Talent Management in challenging times

Dimmy Van Zanten kicked off the event with a stimulating discussion on managing talent in challenging times. Recessions are not new and they continue to occur in a cyclical fashion. Dimmy shared some success stories, highlighting the defining factors of organisations that, not only survived, but came through times of recession in a much stronger position. Dimmy also shared some enlightening examples of organisations that dared to be bold and think creatively in difficult times to attract and retain the top talent which enabled them to increase their performance and profit. 

Interactive roundtable discussions on today’s Talent Management challenges: Sharing best practices

In this session, we shared our key learnings on managing talent, focussing on four key areas.

1. Attracting and Engaging Talent

Organisations shared strategies they used to reduce turnover and the tools used to ensure the right candidates were selected. They also discussed methods to ensure candidates know about the company’s culture. A great way to do this is using ambassadors to market your organisation.

2. Culture Fit

Some delegates experienced the importance of having a strong culture in place that employees can identify with. They shared the various tools and models used and ways this can influence culture. We concluded that companies typically focus on competencies when values are more unique but may be more difficult to measure. 

3. Retaining Talent           

Delegates checked with each other on whether they were facing similar challenges. We shared best practices and common pitfalls around retaining talent. For instance, it is important for organisations to be creative and focussed on the individual. Promotion is not the only reason to create a development plan.

4. Succession Management

We discussed how the various mismatches of succession management could be addressed. A working example would be to measure readiness in terms of exposure and achieved success instead of time.

“A great event that enabled us to share experiences and exchange information and get to know others in the same field of practice” (Rachel, JK Concepts).

Presentation by Arnaud Bouvet 

Trends in recruitment challenges

Arnaud concluded the event with a discussion on trends in recruitment changes specifically emphasizing the growing importance of candidate experience and having a fair and engaging selection process that is aligned to the company culture. Arnaud also shared some strategic ways on how to best manage high volume candidates and how to retain talents in challenging times.

“A great event to catch up. I would highly recommend to other HR Specialists” (Fahiyah, Fibertex).

Looking at Talent from a Different Perspective

The second half of the event took a creative approach to defining talent- calling for all Friends of Cubiks to create their very own perception of a talent on a canvas.

You can view more photos of our clients and friends enjoying Cubiks events on the Cubiks Flickr page.

We look forward to arranging more of these events so Friends of Cubiks can catch up and share experiences. Keep a look out for upcoming events on our website!

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