Cubiks shares insight at MDBC annual HR Forum

Cubiks shares insight at MDBC annual HR Forum

19.10.2016 By Laura.Parrack

The Malaysia Dutch Business Council (MDBC) got together on the 16th of August 2016 for their 6th annual HR Forum. At this event, different trends and challenges were shared and discussed by a group of experts in the field of HR.

Randstad presented survey findings on what Malaysian employees are looking for and the importance of employer branding. Their first Randstad Award was won by Shell Malaysia, who presented the reasons for their success as an employer in the Malaysia market.

Cubiks presented trends and best practices in talent management across all levels in organisations; focusing in on graduate recruitment and strengthening leadership teams.

Graduate recruitment

The Cubiks presentation explored a key challenge faced in graduate hiring - the handling of high volumes of applicants. Graduate recruiters often need to strike a balance between deploying an efficient sifting solution and delivering a good candidate experience. Cubiks demonstrated its solution that enables employers to sift out and select in, all the while offering an attractive recruitment process and communicating their employer brand.

Leadership teams

Cubiks looked at a challenge often faced at the top leadership level; finding a stronger alignment within teams. The Cubiks team shared insight into the benefits of shifting the focus from individuals to looking at a team’s values, strengths and development areas. Cubiks showed how this can be achieved by customizing a traditional 360 feedback questionnaire in order to assess a team.

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