Cubiks Roundtable: Succession Planning at Senior Level

Cubiks Roundtable: Succession Planning at Senior Level

17.07.2017 By Claudia.Vinsent

Cubiks Malaysia had the pleasure of hosting some of the region’s most promising HR Leaders, to kick start the first in our series of roundtables focusing on succession. The discussion at this exclusive event centred on a topic that has both business and HR Leaders fighting tooth and nail to conquer; succession planning at a senior level.

By Claudia Vinsent, Cubiks Malaysia

We began the morning by getting to know a bit more about the delegates’ company cultures over breakfast. This discussion lead into exploring strategies that focus on engineering a sustainable succession plan, tailored to business needs. Topics discussed included; qualifying criteria to be identified as a successor, methods to measure talent readiness, timelines and finally if roles should be built around a talent or the other way around.

The conversation naturally steered towards the subject of selecting and developing assessors. We looked at understanding critical timing when talents become successors, determining and identifying the key characteristics of sustainable leaders, and ideal vs actual ratios of successors to a role. In addition, we discussed the relevance of having internal and external successors whilst also knowing where and how to look for potential candidates. All parties came to a consensus on the significance of building succession beyond the organisation, especially in times of need, and the key takeaway was to stay proactive.

We concluded the event by moving the focus onto post succession processes and plans. Some of the topics covered included; how the onboarding process is managed, factors that cause dropouts from successor pools, and the importance of spouse involvement particularly in potential roles that require relocation.

Getting to know each other

Apart from content heavy discussions we had the opportunity to really get to know these HR leaders during our networking breaks. Fascinating conversations around cultural nuances, career journeys, shared networks, and family ties took place over some excellent food.

Persona Maps

We also had our participants engage in an interactive design thinking activity to better understand future successors and connect with their end users’ thoughts, feelings, actions and speech. 

Fill in our Survey

A preliminary survey was circulated among participating organisations to gather some initial insights into their trends and challenges around succession planning. This survey is now extended to all HR leaders who oversee succession planning. If this topic is of interest, you can fill out the survey here.

Future Events

Watch this space for our next roundtable discussion on graduate assessments. If your organisation is interested in participating in this insightful experience, drop us an email at

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