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Situational Judgement (SJQs) 

Situational Judgement Questionnaires (SJQs) present candidates with a range of challenging situations that they might face if appointed to a role within the recruiting organisation.


Delivered online, these assessments require candidates to review a situation described on screen, and then select the option that most closely matches what they would do in that situation.


Depending on the questionnaire, candidates are either asked to indicate the most and least appropriate actions to take, or to rate the appropriateness of different possible courses of action (in most cases, four alternative options are given).


Customised solutions


Given the need for assessments to be relevant to the role in question, situational questionnaires are commonly developed for organisations on a bespoke basis by our expert consulting teams. These bring together occupational psychologists (to ensure a highly valid and reliable product) with experienced IT professionals (to deliver a robust and secure online solution).


This approach also provides the advantage of being able to design the assessment with client branding in mind. We are also able to integrate our SJQs with third party applicant tracking systems or recruitment workflow applications. Cubiks has substantial experience of developing solutions in this way for organisations in both the public and private sector.


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